Concept Car Bugatti Type 57 Evoluzione

Type 57 Evoluzione Bugatti Concept Car
In the rest Edwin bring the legendary achievement of the new millennium model, incorporating a new front wheel arches, more affiliates optical and fluid, and new dimensions. The proposed drivetrain for the Bugatti Type 57 Evoluzione is a front-mid mounted W16 engine derived from the Veyron’s. However in the Type 57 Evoluzione the engine would be modified to run on hydrogen.
This concept car, like the original Type 57, has a stretched bonnet, smooth curves and a split line which bisects the car down the middle. This Bugatti supercar design is the revival of the classic Type 57, with a touch of modern technology.
The Designer Edwin Conan brings us another retro inspired supercar: the Bugatti Type 57 Evoluzione concept. The Bugatti Type 57 Evoluzione concept is a plenty of futuristic cars.
It is far from being a sports car and very close to being known as a luxurious and exclusive vehicle that has a long stretched out bonnet just like in the 1930’s. This design cue was one of the trademark styling elements of the Type 57 Atlantic.
The classical shape with a long, stretched bonnet and gently curving cabin evokes a sense of fluidity and movement. It doesn’t look particularly sporty or dynamic. It does however look extremely luxurious, expensive and exclusive.