Insecta 5 litre V10 Lamborghini Sport Car Concept

Insecta Lamborghini Sport Car Concept by Iulian Bumbu
The Lamborghini Insecta concept was designed by Iulian Bumbu, who in 2008 completed the Transportation Design Master Course with Alfa Romeo at the Scuola Politecnica di Design (SPD) in Milan. Called the Insecta, the radical concept's design elements were borrowed from bugs instead of bovines.
Combining organic shapes with Lamborghini's trademark geometric angles, the Insecta concept integrates themes culled from the body armour observed on certain species of insects. With its dimensions and powertrain borrowed from the Gallardo, the Insecta would pack a sting as sharp as its buzz, and it could make a compelling successor to the current LP560-4.
Insecta Lamborghini Sport Car Concept - Front
The length of the Lamborghini Insecta concept car is 4300mm (169 inches), similar to that of the Lamborghini Gallardo, however the Insecta is lower and wider than the Gallardo, plus it features a slightly longer wheelbase.
The Lamborghini Insecta concept supercar is powered by a 5 litre V10 engine and it uses the same drivetrain as the Gallardo. This supercar comes with a glass engine cover that blends into the glass roof of the vehicle and, as far as the bodywork is concerned, it’s all carbon fibre to reduce weight.
Insecta Lamborghini Sport Car Concept - Rear
Inside the Lamborghini Insecta concept you’ll find a deep bucket seats, a high center console and an U-shaped sports steering wheel.
You gotta love how designers get inspiration from the living breathing world.
What do you think? We like it, especially that all glass cockpit.
Insecta Lamborghini Sport Car Concept - Front and Rear
 Insecta Lamborghini Sport Car Concept - Top

V2G UNLMTD Nissan Electric Concept Car

Assuming that we’ll have electrified highways by the year 2030, Nissan has popped up an on-grid vehicle dubbed “V2G” (Vehicle–to-Grid) that will offer safe, sustainable as well as brisk commutation. The compliant vehicle is not only safe and swift, but it also features dynamic styling and quality production at a very low price. One can’t ask for more than that. The electric vehicle allowing endless opportunities for modification can also be transformed from a low-cost to a luxury vehicle for the rich and trendy.
At the LA Design Challenge 2009 Nissan has proposed a futuristic single seater electric vehicle developed in the year 2030 for a high-speed infrastructure called the GRID - V2G stands for Vehicle-to-Grid - which becomes popular among young drivers who discoer the endless possibilities of customization.

In the spirit of LA's legendary automotive counter-culture, creative young minds see untapped potential in the V2G. Taking advantage of the simple and user friendly EV architecture, they quickly hack the V2G, take it 'OFF-GRID' and begin to explore the virtually endless opportunities of this newly created vehicle segment.
  • Stephen Moneypenny
  • Ryan Campbell
  • Satoru Hasegawa
  • Hanu Yoo
  • Randy Rodroguez
Design Team
  • Ann Ngo – research
  • Ray Devers – color & materials
  • Derek Millsap – digital designer
  • Matt Wilson – digital designer
  • James Cronin – visualization
  • Don Sondys – visualization

Zobin Single Seater Ferrari Concept Car by Siamak Ruhi Dehkordi


Ferrari Zobin Concept is an aerodynamic single seater with compact dimensions (4,114mm long and 1,855 mm wide), inspired by Ferrari Formula 1 cars.
It can be argued that Ferrari is known for living out on the styling edge and for staying too true to its own designs. Witness the wild Enzo supercar and compare that to the new California. The former is an F1 car with an enclosed body and the latter has been called a sell-out Ferrari for the masses.
The rear end looks cribbed from the one-off P4/5 produced by Pininfarina, but the front end places the Enzo's F1-inspired nose amidst the contortions of a metal band that swoops around to create both the front spoiler and front fenders, while still maintaining an open-wheel F1 look. The headlights are suspended from the metal band and seem to float beside center fuselage.
Ferrari Zobin Concept’s exterior design is characterized by the original front structure made of a metal band, which supports the headlights and integrates the front spoiler and the front fenders, and gives the car an “open-wheels” look.
Ferrari Zobin Concept is powered by a compact unit mounted in mid-rear position as this car is focused on efficiency.
Ferrari Zobin Concept was designed by Iranian engineer Siamak Ruhi Dehkordi as a design study of a single-seater aerodynamic sportscar.